after blizzard photos

Plow King got called out yesterday afternoon where he rescued me from the King Sooper's parking lot when I was stocking up on food supplies and Carlo Rossi for the snowbound house days to come. He came home in the evening, slept for a few hours then went out at about 1am and is still out (it's 2pm) being manly with his big snow plow. Apparently he got stuck in the foothills for a good half hour and had a good old Plow King freak out session which resulted in a broken shovel. I awoke this morning to 2ft of snow and got really excited. I pocketed my photo taker and put on my snow pants, leg warmers and all of the appropriate gear. My adventures are as follows... 1)snowy trees

2) the table on our back porch looks like a big marshmallow...i want to eat it3) I sat in a 3ft snowbank
4) This is what happened when I opened the front door

5) This shows the depth of some drifts..that's our garbage can
6) shovel in hand i got to work7) Yeah the ground!
8) That's a Subaru. It should not be stuck in the middle of the road..but there it remains.
9)Then I decided to snowshoe to my own car that I abandoned down the road to get my mittens out of it.10) Other houses11) My poor car. I think I just won't even try.12) Walking back home from my car the snow sure is beautiful.

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