When you can't see 100 yards in front of you...

you must be climbing at Vedauwoo in the misting fog and cold. Brian, Rolson, Emerson and I went to Vedauwoo on Sunday and the only thing that kept us driving on in heinous conditions was Jamie's quote on the phone..."Camp it's FINE!!!" Regardless of the weather the climbing was actually quite enjoyable, and the temps were perfect. We first went to When Weak Become Heroes, V10, and I watched the boys come off of the top out with green hands from the seepy lichen on the top holds. When they finally agreed that it might be too wet to finish the problem, we all precariously walked on slippery wet slabs over to Iron Maiden, V9. Not long after we arrived at this boulder, it became my first ascent of something harder than a V8 (but I will beg to differ). It was a good time and we ended the day with some frustrating moments on a wet Tempest, V9. Saturday was another day at the Poudre in the beautiful fall temps. We started off at the Gandolph area where I finally completed my project of the low start to Against Humanity, V8. I can finally let my knee bar bruise heal. While I was doing that, Brian was doing a knee bar on some awesome V8 that he had never climbed behind the Gandolph boulder. He isn't sure if it has seen an ascent, but he is pretty psyched about how good it is. I gathered the 6 girls that I was climbing with and we all headed over to the 420's and I sent Scarface, V6, after trying it at the end of the day a few times I was happy to send it. I really like that boulder problem. We ended our day with a little bit of Wade David humor at a Pizza Place in Old Town Fort Collins.

I am so hopelessly obsessed with rock climbing now that it is only Monday and I am looking forward to Saturday when I can get out again.

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