life in colorado

Last weekend on Sunday I followed T-schol to Dark Waters just to see what all of the hype is around this boulder. We walk up to the boulder only to find a cinder block with a car jack on top of it, holding a recently glued hold onto the beginning area of the problem. It was in the shop. The people responsible for doing this arrived minutes later and removed the car jack. I caught them in the act. It was really kind of funny. This week has been a crazy week of taking midterms and helping out with a comp at the gym. On Wednesday morning we dropped the entire bouldering cave of all of its grimey holds, made a ginourmous tape ball, and somehow got all of the bolts to end up in the bolt bucket that weighs twenty pounds. Then, two huge leaking garbage cans and a few splashes of myriatic acid later we were well on your way to nice colorful clean holds. Thursday was the day of setting, and forerunning the problems. By 10pm everyone felt as if the recreational problems were open problems because we were all so tired. Tonight is the competition, and all I can say is I am glad for the sponsors donating kegs, and free food.
my contribution to the setting... This is the view from my porch most mornings. ahhhhh. I can't wait to go snowshoeing!!!

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