Ok mom, I am only writing this because you keep nagging me. I am apparently too busy trying to get a 4.0 so I haven't been writing. Hah.

I got beat up at work last week by one of my clients. I have a ginourmous shin bruise and I got off lucky compared to the other girl that helped me restrain him 9 times. There was a good moment where he headbutted me and then my head hit the counter. Fun stuff. I just put an application in at the climbing gym.

I have a stats test tonight. I think I will kick its ass. I made friends in the class and I have decided that this is my key to success.

Over labor day weekend Brian and I went to Mount Evans, the Poudre, and back to Mount Evans. It was a perfect weather weekend. When we were at Mt. Evans in this place called area B approx. 11,000 ft or lower, a cloud came rolling up the valley and just kept rolling along the ground enveloping us in this magical dreamworld of cloudiness. It was beautiful. I stole this photo from Ryan Olson because his camera is way better.

Brian's parents are en-route to Colorado right now to vacation in wonderful Fort Collins and the surrounding area. We are going to do the trail ridge drive tomorrow weather permitting. I shall take photos. Then we are going to go out to dinner for my good old 23rd birthday. Yeah! I am still so young.

I can't decide what i want to be when I grow up and that is my biggest problem in life right now. That and moving out of this townhouse and away from random roomates. I decided that I can no longer share the kitchen with another woman. Maybe it is a territorial thing that deffinitely comes with age. I want my own kitchen, it's just a simple desire that Kris agrees with me on.

Jess is in Idaho saving the world from forest fires, while her fiance was here in Fort Collins at the Crown Pub, doing what Smoke Jumpers do best in their off time. I could not join them because of my stupid stats test and once again that 4.0.

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HetchHetchy said...

every moment is one step closer to being what you want and should be in life. order your territory first and rest may fall into place. oh, happy birthday my love!