I want to rock climb

Yeah I have a new jobby job. I will be teaching small children how to rock climb a few nights a week. I am very excited for this opportunity to actually do what I love and as an incentive I recieve a free membership to the gym that I climb at...which means more training, getting stronger, and more sending. How wonderful. My other job is treating me like poo, so I will be going down to on-call status.

School is kind of stressful right now and all I can think about is taking a climbing trip. Funny how that works.

Jessi is a hero. She saved small school children today by escorting them out of the Bailey High School and away from the creepy man with a gun. Her badass fire fighting crew was the first to respond and now she is a hero. Way to go Jess!

Brian and I will be going to the Poudre on Saturday, so I should have some good pictures to post after the weekend.


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muzik316 said...

awesome!!!! Go jess!!!!