alone time

Yosemite pictures taken from yosmite pool at flickr.com

Being that I have been on the road for the past few months...alone time is few and far between. My family left me last night to an empty house. It was and still is a very weird feeling. I am alone with all of my thoughts and it is so quiet. It is also weird how you can feel a bit scared and untrusting in an empty house with windows and the blackness of night outside, but the second you are outside (living outside like I was) you are surrounded by nature and those thoughts don't even cross your mind. It is only when you are in an enclosed space that you feel uneasy about what might be lurking outside. Maybe I should have slept in the backyard. It would have felt like I was back in Hueco again with the wind blowing all night long rocking me to sleep.

I attempted to go biking this morning but decided it was too cold after two blocks and came home. My lungs have a very sensitive temperature range. If I could replace on thing on my body I think I would replace my lungs. I hope I can adjust to the high altitudes of Rocky Mountain National Park this summer.

Since I have started climbing I never realized how much I TRULY enjoy it until I can't do it. I went to the tiny local gym here in Appleton and it eased a little bit of my crazy climbing urges, however you can't use chalk there and that is absolutely heinous.

I might be working for the Colorado Mosquito Control this summer. I have only filled out an application so we will see. If so, I would be walking out into the middle of swamps with my wand and backpack full of bacteria stuff that kills the larva. Danielle is doing it for sure this summer and we are psyched that we might get to work together. We are both scared of the rattle snakes!

Today I am going to Kris' house in Rockford. I guess I won't be doing much climbing there either. Lots of brownie eating and canoodling and reminiscing about the sweet old Yosemite summers and always plotting away to get back and never become lifers.

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