This is too good not to post for everyone to view. Emmy wrote this for her parents, to help them understand what I write about climbing...

freaky deaky climbing terms -

Beta - n. where someone else put their hands and feet on a climbing problem, "can you give me the beta on 'power of silence' ?

Crimp - also Crimper n. a really small hold that you use just the tips of your fingers for (nothing past the first knuckle), lots of times you can only fit two or three fingers on a crimp.

Crush - v. also Crushing, basically kicking a boulder problem's ass. "I crushed 'power of silence' today!"

flash - v. to climb a problem on the first try, without looking at the problem until you're on it

heel hook - n. also heel hooking v. (pretty obvious, but just in case) some holds you can grip better when you're upside down if you use your heel. most climbing shoes have ridiculous amounts of rubber on the heel so you can "hook" your foot on a hold

Jug - n. a really large hold

slab - n. a flat vertical piece of rock, looks like a stone wall for a building

sloper - n. a slanted hold that you usually palm. it's more about body tension and balance vs. something to hold on to.

V1-V15 - adj. American rating system for boulder problems, describes how hard a bouldering problem is. V1 being the easiest.

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