our first tour

Yesterday we went out on our first official tour. Thanks to Matt T-schol we finally got to experience the more wonderful parts of Hueco. Our group consisted of me, Brian, Danielle, Joel, Jamie, Angie, Dan (Vealchop), Shannon, and of course Matt. First we went to the Gunks area in East Spur Maze. East spur is so awesome, filled with many classics, and so much rock! In the first 15 minutes I sent New Religion, V7 and Angie did Alf in a Blender a.k.a Hunger Artist, V6 (sandbagged). Jamie Emerson worked on Full Monty while Brian and Joel ran down to Chupacabra. Dan of course was filming and Matt was saving himself for Scream, a four star V11. Brian gave about 4 or 5 burns of falling on the last fricken hold of Chupacabra Right, V11. He has it worked out now so he will send it right away when we go back. Jamie sent Chupacabra Left, V10 and Joel fell off the last move.
We packed up and hiked over to the Scream on West Mountain. The boys all worked on it and no one sent because the conditions were horrible. It rained all night the night before and it was foggy all morning. Then when the fog lifted it was like summer in Minnesota....humid. All of the holds felt wet and greasy. The Scream is in a hole that sees no sunshine so it remained damp all day. Angie and Shannon flashed Animal Acts, V5, and I fell off the topout and gave up for the day. Danielle worked out all the moves and felt tired like me.
Next we hiked up to the mooonshine roof on east mountain. It is a four star V4 that gave all of us trouble at the end of the day. I think everyone ended up doing the V5 version except Danielle and I. I felt like falling asleep on my crashpad.
Another dinner at El Rancho Escondido proved to provide nasty strong margaritas, gooey greasy food, and shit talking. We went back to the barn and watched Jason Kehl give a slideshow about his climbing trips.
This morning we were all rudely awoken at 7:13 by the Red Bull van of hell. Loud music and a megaphone type thing announced to all of us that the 13th annual Rock Rodeo is today and blahh blahhh blahhh shut the f%#$ up! It was sooooo annoying! They drove around the campground until everyone was up and yelling at them to shut up, and then they just parked and played bad music until about 9:30....but they were giving out free Red Bull.
Tonight there is going to be two ginormous fires, Red Bull and vodka of course, 4 kegs, free stuff from sponsors, drunken debauchery, and Brian and I driving down the road to sleep.


Lynn said...

Oh yeah! Well screw you guys, we're going to So Ill. Well, Chris, (not Kris) Alex and I so far. But we've got an 8 sleeper pop up with a stove and fridge and a sink and heater and lights and 2 tables and a door! So there! Now it's MY turn to make YOU hella jealous. Ah hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahha! cough- Ahahahhahahhahah!!!!!

kellymcbride said...

Lynn...don't hate. I am just telling it like it is. I am jealous. I would love to go to southern illinois, however I will be in Colorado climbing at the poudre. maybe we will swing by but probably not...we don't like stoves and fridges and lights...we could use a door though.
Just Kidding I miss you guys!

Lynn said...

Aw, I'm not hatin', I'm psyched you're all having such a great time. I just really like to deal out shit sometimes. Love you!